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Table 2 Factor loadings of EMMI survey items

From: Development, validation, and implementation of the elementary mathematics motivation inventory (EMMI): examining motivational constructs in elementary mathematics

Item Anxiety Self-efficacy Value
Math tests make me nervous − .667   
I know I can learn new things in math .646   
Math homework is hard for me − .485   
Math is my worst subject − .632   
I do poorly in math − .756   
I get frustrated during math lessons − .533   
I know I can solve addition and subtraction problems correctly   .518  
I understand what my teacher teaches us in math   .669  
I know I can answer multiplication problems correctly   .657  
I know I can solve division problems correctly   .626  
Math classwork is easy for me   .510  
I can solve difficult problems correctly in math   .740  
I know I can solve word problems correctly   .798  
Math is easy for me   .584  
I enjoy math    .817
Math is an important subject    .848
I would like to do more math in class    .840
Eigenvalue 7.70 1.47 1.13
% of variance explained 45.4 8.67 6.64