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Call for Thematic Series

The Fields Mathematics Education Journal (FMEJ) welcomes proposals for guest-edited thematic issues. Proposals are evaluated for their timeliness, relevance to the scope and readership of the FMEJ, feasibility, and overall scientific quality. Proposals can be submitted at any time and will be reviewed by an Editor-in-Chief within 2 months. Accepted proposals result in the appointment of guest editors and in the preparation of a call for papers for a thematic issue.

Proposals for a special issue should include the following:

  • A short description of the special issue (1-2 pages), explaining the target readership and timeliness of the proposed issue, and a selection of recent literature relevant to the proposed issue.
  • The proposed title of the issue.
  • A call for papers (up to 300 words).
  • Names, affiliations, and short bios of the Guest Editor(s).
  • A list of potential invited authors (those already willing to submit papers to the proposed volume as invited contributors).
  • Reference to any past or forthcoming scientific event (conferences or workshops) that may provide relevant contributors to the volume, if applicable.

Proposals should be submitted electronically to the Editor-in-Chief.

For proposals that fit the criteria, including the FMEJ’s aim and scope, the Guest Editor(s) are accountable for the progress on the issue and report to the Editor-in-Chief on any problems that may arise during the preparation of the issue. Any accepted proposals will be sent to the Development Editor, who will set the thematic series up in the Springer Nature system, ready for article submission.

Guest Editors are expected to:

  • Select potential authors (usually leading authors in the field) as invited contributors. Each guest edited issue should feature up to three invited articles.
  • Prepare a call for papers (and circulate it to the invited contributors). The open call will be featured on the FMEL website.
  • Select and allocate reviewers for submitted and invited papers. The FMEJ editorial policy requires a minimum of two double-blind reviews for submitted and invited papers. The Editor-in-Chief will assist guest editors with a list of potential reviewers from the pool of previous contributors/referees. The review process will be handled via Springer's manuscript tracking system (Editorial Manager)
  • Select papers for the issue on the basis of the peer review. Guest Editors are in charge of acceptance/rejection/revision and resubmission decisions.
  • Write an introduction to the volume that will be reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief.
  • Compile the final manuscript of the volume and submit it to the publisher, making sure that the guidelines and deadlines are respected so as to facilitate the production of the issue.

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