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  1. Content type: Original Research

    The See Blue Mathematics Clinic provides prospective teachers an authentic teaching environment via a service learning experience. In this qualitative study, the authors examine how a service learning course p...

    Authors: Christa Jackson, Margaret Mohr-Schroeder, Maureen Cavalcanti, Shelby Albers, Katherine Poe, Ashley Delaney, Emma Chadd, Mollie Williams and Thomas Roberts

    Citation: Fields Mathematics Education Journal 2018 3:5

    Published on:

  2. Content type: Original Research

    For decades, mathematics education pedagogy has relied most heavily on teachers, demonstrating correctly worked example exercises as models for students to follow while practicing their own exercises. In more ...

    Authors: Sheryl J. Rushton

    Citation: Fields Mathematics Education Journal 2018 3:4

    Published on:

  3. Content type: Original Research

    High failure and withdrawal rates in introductory post-secondary mathematics courses are a problem locally, nationally, and internationally. This leads to first-year mathematics courses creating a closed door,...

    Authors: Darja Barr and Lindsay Wessel

    Citation: Fields Mathematics Education Journal 2017 3:3

    Published on:

  4. Content type: Original Research

    This article details the development, validation, and implementation of the elementary mathematics motivation inventory, a survey instrument designed to measure motivational constructs related to mathematics i...

    Authors: Julie Smart and Sandra M. Linder

    Citation: Fields Mathematics Education Journal 2017 3:2

    Published on: